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Developed in 2000, TileCreator software brought the element of computer design to the traditional method of creating glass mosaic tile designs. Now, sixteen years later, the tools within TileCreator make it even easier to create beautiful murals, wall coverings, mirror frames and stepping stones. It is a mosaic tile design tool, ready to help you create gorgeous mosaic tile murals, even if you’ve never created one before.

A custom mosaic design can cost as much as $150 a foot to commission it; with TileCreator, you can create your own mosaics for as little as $15 a square foot (or less). Our software lets you choose from many different color palettes (mosaic tile manufacturers) such as Bisazza, Trend, Hakati and many more. We also provide the tools to create your own color palette; or to mix and match color palettes to provide the broadest color range possible.

Creating a mosaic tile design within TileCreator is as simple as importing an image (clip art, stock photo, photograph); choosing your tile palette of colors; and setting your dimensions. At the click of a button, your mosaic design is rendered as a mosaic, along with a materials list of colors needed, quantities, and how to place the tiles to build your mural.

  • Convert any image in to a mosaic tile design
  • Zoom factor for different tile configuration
  • Uses any size tile – not limited to mosaic tiles
  • Variable grout widths
  • Variable size tiles (Plus version only)
  • Mix and match regulatum and vermiculatum in the same design (Plus version only)
  • Choose from exact color match or gradation color blends
  • Prints a “shopping list” of needed tiles
  • Prints a preview of the design
  • Prints a tile grid, turning the mosaic into a “paint-by-number” design
  • Buy your tile from a number of vendors including Hakatai, Trend, Bisazza and more
  • Runs on all Windows platforms, through WIndows 10; and Mac users with BootCamp, VMWare and a Windows operating system.

TileCreator mosaic tile design software is the only software used by more mosaic tile manufacturers, contractors, designers and installers worldwide. Our software can be used for random pattern generation; borders; image conversion; and traditional look mosaics. Our image conversion creates the closest match to fleshtones or Pantone® colors, depending on the color palette used.